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Skeptical and reserved. Those are the 2 words I would use to describe myself prior to embarking on my first healing touch session with Tara Seider. Having been diagnosed with MS months earlier, I was overwhelmed with my new reality, in a good amount of consistent body pain, and with heavy heart and mind. I was desperate to help myself, to remedy my pain and to quell my mind. 


I felt like I had tried it all- I did chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, changed my diet, and nothing was fixing me. I knew Tara was involved in healing touch and she had offered her services a few times. I finally decided to take her up on it. I laid on the table, ready and willing and open for anything to help me. 


At first, I had a hard time calming my thoughts and allowing myself to be free to this new venture. But good God, once I figured out how to stop my mind from cranking....


Totally a wild experience. Almost out of body. I don't know how else to explain it. The mind is a very powerful tool, and healing touch is a very powerful practice. I left there feeling elevated and alive, almost high, if you will. 


I would highly encourage everyone to experience this gift that Tara possesses. It is great healing for the mind and body. It will uplift you and heal you. 




I keep telling Tara that she has “magic hands”! I have had other energy healing work done in the past, but the experiences I have had with Tara are totally different. She has a gift, and a passion, for healing and it is obvious when you do a Healing Touch session with her. If you have never had energy work done before, it is somewhat hard to describe, but I tend to say your whole body feels alive and vibrating. I have had several sessions with Tara, and each time is a different feeling, but it is consistently powerful. You could say it’s somewhat of an “out of body experience” as I feel this force move it’s way through my body.

After my sessions with Tara, I feel lighter, more vibrant, and even somewhat buzzed! Each person has their own ailments, so the experience will not be the same for everyone as the energy goes to where it is needed. But I can say that Healing Touch is a unique and powerful form of therapy, and I recommend you experience it with Tara!


-Meghan L, Chicago




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