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I am a Chicago native.   I have always been drawn to helping people.  I enjoy easing those around me, solving problems and working together to find solutions.  I have always been drawn to children.  As I have aged, I realize that I am drawn to them because of their infinite wisdom and child-like wonder and trust of the world.  In high school, I knew nursing was my calling.  I didn’t realize all that would unfold for me when I made this decision.  


I first heard and learned about energy therapy while I was in nursing school in 1999.  One of my instructors performed a healing demonstration in class and I was blown away!!  I graduated from nursing school that year and began working as a pediatric nurse.    I was concentrating on learning pediatric nursing; however, energy healing never left my thoughts. I read books and tried to find out more about energy work.   Finally after a few years, I found The Healing Touch Program and in 2008, I attended my first HT workshop.  That began my very personal energy-healing journey.  Initially, I thought I would learn these “techniques” for others, but I slowly began to realize how these techniques, skills and new people in my life would help me on my own spiritual healing journey.  Since that weekend in 2008 a lot has happened. I have completed the 5 levels of HT, learned, adopted and practiced various other energy modalities, grown into more of my true self, gained insight into illness and pain. All of this allowed me to fall in love with “the work” of HT, inspired by the founder, Janet Mengen, RN.  I am thankful for HT program and am honored to be able to share my gift with the community.  


I love caring for, listening to and healing people on all levels.  Children are a joy and it is my honor to be there for them in the hospital setting.  I began to realize I wanted to give my patients “more,” so in 2009, I began to take classes to obtain my pediatric nurse practitioner degree.   I knew with a master’s degree, I could provide my patients with a higher level of support and care.  


My ultimate goal is to practice HT in the hospital setting, but I love being able to offer HT to the community as individuals go through many of life’s challenges.  People often need a little “energy boost” when making a transition from one area to the next, or when dealing with the loss of a loved one, or if they feel stuck and they can’t figure out where to go.  My clients will find relief from chronic pain, depression or illness with HT.  I offer  support, compassion and will meet the client on the level they are on.  HT is a journey and the client is leading the journey, my role is to support and assist.   


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